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Journal of Islamic Manuscripts. Leiden: Brill. 1- (2010-).

Manuscripta Orientalia: International Journal for Oriental Manuscript Research. St. Petersburg: Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences. 1/1- (1995-).

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Nāmah-i bahāristān: Majallah-i muṭālaʿāt va taḥqīqāt-i nuskhah’hā-yi khaṭṭī. Tehran: Kitābkhānah va Mūzih va markaz-i asnād-i Majlis-i shūrā-yi islāmī. 1/1- (1379 Sh/2000-).  All articles are available for download from the website of the Library and Museum and Document Center of the Iranian Parliament.


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